Five Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Alias Grace’ | Netflix Review

Based on the novel of the same name, Alias Grace follows the true story of Grace Marks, a Canadian housemaid convicted for the murders of her employers in 1843. When it’s realised that she has no memory of what happened on that day, the characters embark on a suspense filled journey to uncover the truth. Now on Netflix, here’s why you should be making a beeline for a Netflix and chill evening.

Margaret Atwood can do no wrong:
The six-part miniseries is the second television adaptation from the Booker Prize winning author this year – the first won five Emmy’s last month – and guarantees to serve up nothing less than her trademark themes of gender, suspense and the treatment of mental health. If you are eagerly awaiting the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale, rest assured that Alias Grace will leave you trembling with horror and fascination, as only Atwood can.

A Stellar Cast:
At the helm we have Sarah Gadon, the award-winning Canadian actress known for her roles in Cosmopolis and A Dangerous Method. Edward Holcroft of Gunpowder and Wolf Hall fame, will also be playing the role of the young doctor trying to revive Grace’s memories. They will be joined by True Blood’s Anna Paquin, who will play the role of housekeeper for Paul Gross’s character, Thomas Kinnear, who Grace has been accused of murdering.

The Future is Female:
Alias Grace is a rare case where the creative force behind the show are all female. Sarah Polley, the director, brought to our screens Away from Her and Take This Waltz, both of which went onto win many awards. Joining her is American Psycho’s screenwriter, Mary Harron, and together they have combined their visions to bring Atwood’s novel to life. In an industry rocked by recent revelations of inherent sexism, this couldn’t come at a better time.

Mind Over Matter:
In an age where mental health issues are finally being discussed more openly, recently by the likes of Prince Harry and J. K. Rowling, and the new adaptation will deal with similar issues, in particular the treatment of women with mental illnesses like amnesia and the use of hypnosis in the early 19th century. Grace’s memory loss after her murder conviction forms the basis of this spine chilling mystery, while Edward Holcroft’s role of Dr. Simon Jordan questions Grace and uses hypnosis to help her regain her memories from the night in question.

The Mystery:
As with any good crime thriller, Alias Grace is full of promising suspense that will have you hanging on from the edge of your seats in nail-biting trepidation. Sarah Polley, screenwriter and director of the show, will present a heart racing insight into the mind of a convicted killer and there is little doubt that Alias Grace shouldn’t be on your radar if you love a good murder mystery, if the book is any indication for what is to come.


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