“How Do You Feel About It” – Adichie for Harper’s Bazaar

There’s always been a sense of elation and an unexplainable thrill that rushes through me when I see that one of my favourite authors has written a new book or in this case a new short story for a magazine that I’ll shortly be interning for. To say I was excited was an understatement!

The August issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK published a new short story by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and believe me when I say it was every bit as good as I expected. With a flourish that no other author can quite capture, Adichie has the power to make you wanting more with just few words. Her style of writing, the flow of the short story and it’s content are what make it such a good piece of writing by an author who has been awarded on many occasions for her mastery on word play.

Hitting every nail on the head, Adichie describes perfectly the notion of the phrase “everyone wants what they can’t have” and what we perceive to be perfection might just be mediocre in some people’s eyes and a burden for others. It is one of the first short stories I’ve read in a long time which makes me want to write a letter to the author begging for more. But I suppose that’s the charm and beauty of short stories, they come out of no where and pull out the rug from under your feet, leaving you breathless, elated and slightly confused as to what on earth just happened. Go pick up your copy of Harper’s Bazaar now, because this is one piece you do not want to miss!

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