The Importance of Reading

Happy Sunday folks! I cannot believe that this post is the 50th one on my blog! Time has literally flown by ever since I started my blog and it makes me happy to see that I’ve reached my first milestone. Speaking of writing and blogging, I thought today I would touch on something else I am really fond of: Reading.


I have enjoyed reading all sorts of book from a very young age, ever since my mum first thrust a copy of Harry Potter into my hands. I love buying new books and reading them from cover to cover and starting all over again with a new copy. Over the years I have curated a healthy collection with some of my absolute favourites and it was my love for books that led me to pursue a degree in English Literature at University!

Reading is such an important part of anyone’s life; whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, reading books expands your horizons beyond belief, take you across all seven continents and gives you the opportunity to meet a thousand people within the pages. Books have the power to broaden our understanding of the world or help you through a really difficult time in your life, like it has done for me on many occasions.

Over the years, I have noticed that the more books and novels I’ve read, the more my attention span has improved. Even if it’s reading magazines or blog articles, these along with books, take long periods of focus and concentration, which is rather hard to do for pretty much everyone. Being fully engaged in any kind of reading material takes time and involves closing off the rest of the world and fully immersing yourself into the world between the pages, which only goes to strengthen your attention span as time goes on.

I read a study once, done by the NEA, which explained that people who read for pleasure are far more likely to visit museums and attend concerts, and almost three times as likely to do volunteer and charity work. Readers are active participants in the world around them, and that engagement is critical to individual and social well-being, and something I whole-heartedly agree with!

Not only that, but I strongly believe that reading also improves your imagination. We are only limited by what we can imagine, so the world that is described in books, along with people’s views and thoughts and opinions will expand your understanding and will allow you to create your own opinions on all topics.

Furthermore, I also think that reading helps to improve your memory. A while ago a read a book called Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of Reading Brain, by Maryanne Wolf, who claimed that when we read we automatically think about and process what we are reading, giving us more time to think. It strengthens your skills for comprehension and insight, meaning that your memory stays nimble and sharp!

So I hope this post and some of the benefits I’ve highlighted helps you to read often and imagine even more! Happy reading!


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  1. thisisyouth says:

    all good writers need to read vociferously! so important to keep inspired

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nimraimran16 says:

      Absolutely! It’s so important to exercise our brains and read as much as we can 🙂


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