Clarin’s Secret Weapon: First Impressions

I suppose if there is one thing everyone needs in their makeup bags, it is a banging concealer. Something to cover up those ‘yes, I stayed up until three last night to watch Gilmore Girls’ dark circles; circles even copious amounts of coffee can’t cover up! The only concealer I’ve ever had is the Collection 1000 concealer, that I found too dry and cakey for my skin, and since then, I have been concealer-less, embracing my dark circles and getting friendly with Earnie and Freddie on my forehead.


And then bada-bing, bada-boom, comes waltzing in Clarin’s Instant Concealer in 03, my knight in shining armour. I’ve been trying this out for the past few days and the verdict is: YES, YES, YES and YES! It’s got everything going for it: a quick fixer-upper for redness, a happy wave goodbye for blemishes and more than decent coverage for those pesky spots that just wont take a hint (I’m looking at you Earnie!). It’s also good for hiding dark circles and in one fell swoop, off they go! I find that this concealer has a soft, decent coverage that easily blends into the skin, leaving behind a dewy finish. The texture, a little on the watery side, is creamy and super moisturising so it won’t dry your skin out!

I don’t tend to use foundation much, so for a day-to-day basis, this concealer is right up my alley, with a soft dewy finish. The little tube fits perfectly into any makeup bag and I bet it’ll last you yonks too, as I find I only need the tiniest amount. I’ll let you know how I get on with it, but so far this one gets a big thumbs up from me! If you’ve tried this for yourself, then let me know your thoughts!


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  1. I love this concealer! It’s the perfect consistency! Loved your review and the piccys! ❤️


    1. nimraimran16 says:

      I know, I couldn’t believe how moisturising it was! Definitely looking forward to trying it out more! Thank you ❤


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