Keep On Keeping On

“There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself” – Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler).


When I was little, I thought for the longest time that if I worked hard enough for something, prayed hard enough or wanted something to work out badly enough, things really would go my way and that the world would cut me some slack. I think it takes time for us all to realise that luck, fate and destiny play a big part in everything we want to happen, whether we like it or not. Or that what’s meant to be, will be. It’s easy to lose hope when things you’ve been working on for the longest time don’t turn out the way we want them to. It’s easy to get angry, blame ourselves or others or even God and the universe. It has the power to strip away optimism, hope and the determination to keep going. Sometimes, when that happens, it can be soul destroying, driving people to despair, to a bottle or to the land of ‘I don’t want to keep doing this’.

It takes time to come back from failure of any kind, whether that’s great ideas poorly executed or just poor ideas. The rug gets pulled out from underneath our feet at some point or another and when that happens, there is nothing wrong in admitting that things didn’t go right for whatever reason. Or sometimes, it could just be for no reason at all. Maybe it wasn’t the best thing for you and there is something bigger at play. Or maybe it was because we made a mistake, but that’s what makes us human. Knowing we can make mistakes and forgiving ourself for them when things go haywire; there is no shame in admittance or acceptance.

If I’ve learned anything in my short twenty-two years, is that when one door closes, ten more are bound to open. Beyond each of one those doors, lies an opportunity or the possibility of a better future that the last, and that possibility, however infinitesimal it may seem, is what makes it worth it to keep going. When life throws you a curve ball and when you land flat on your back, it’s important to stay positive and try not to get angry and lose hope, even though I realise that it is easier said than done.

It is hard to admit that the time to take off the gloves and move on has arrived. Take a breath and reassess the situation, work through your options, find out what is the right move for you and when the time comes, act on it. Ask for help if you need it. And above all, have patience and faith that things will work out. Something like that requires a lot of patience and will, but you’ll find it. That’s the beauty about patience; we all think we don’t have enough of it, but when the time comes and the situation demands it, we surprise ourselves with our ability to preserver. So hold your head high and keep on keeping on.

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