Get Your Act Together!

I’ve noticed that I am at my most stressed when I am most unorganised, and it will come as no surprise that these two things go hand in hand. And since the beginning of this year I have been trying to stay more organised, trying to get things done on time and stay on top of others. We get challenges thrown at us from every direction and without keeping on top of them, I dont think we would know how to make heads and tails of things happening. So I’ve been trying to implement more routines in order to tidy up my daily life. Today I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks to keep on top of things with you. Most of these will apply a lot to students, since I myself am one, but you can also adopt them depending on your situation, for example if you’re working or if you want to implement these tips into your day to day routines.


1. Plan It Out:
Those who know me well know that I am a planner; I like to know events that are taking place in the future, deadlines that I have to meet and places I need to be, and this is so I can be well prepared for them when they do come around. The reason why I am able to prepare for them better, especially in the last few months is because I write down everything in my planner. And it is such a life saver! Even if I forget a deadline or an event that’s coming up, if I take the time to write it down in my planner at the start, I ensure that it won’t take me by surprise later on. This is especially good for any assignments that I have to hand in at Uni, and keeping a reminder of when they are due in means I can judge how much time I need to allocate to each assignment, without worrying about leaving it to the last minute (it’s something I’m still working on 😉 ).

2. Type It In:
If planners aren’t your thing, then use those lovely calendars on your phones to organise things. My personal favourite is the iPhone calendar, which not only allows you to schedule things down to the hour, you also have the option to share it with people. So if you’re always busy and on the go, you could share your work calendar with your family or partner, so all of you are always in the loop. Not only that, it means that you dont always have to rely on a bulky planner to know what’s next on your schedule.

3. Write It Down:
I’ve been told sometimes that I have the memory of a goldfish (and the people who tell me that aren’t wrong, much to my dismay!). So if you’re like me too, I would recommend writing down urgent tasks and events on Post-It notes and placing them somewhere they wont be out of sight, like the bottom of your computer screen, or the wall by your desk, or even by your keyboard. By constantly seeing things you need to get done written out in front of you, chances are you’ll get to them much sooner, and it is something that would recommend to anyone. Plus, you can buy yourself a pack of colourful Post-It notes to write on, so your tasks seem a little less daunting 😉

4. Make Lists for Your Lists:

I have found that when you have a lot on your plate, it can be rather overwhelming, and sometimes it also means that we can’t figure out a way to start tackling the mountain of tasks that need to get done. A good method to put into practice is to write down a list of all the things that you have to do, and not only will you find it less overwhelming, it is also oh so satisfying when you finally get a task done, and cross it off of the list!

And lastly, just remember to take a deep breath before you start, and this is something that I try to remind myself of as often as possible. No matter how daunting something seems at the start, remember that it can always be accomplished (with a lot of chocolate and music in my case, but who’s keeping track anyway eh? 😉 ).

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  1. ~ carmen ~ says:

    These are great tips. I have a daily to do list on my computer that I love checking. :]

    // ▲ ▲


    1. nimraimran16 says:

      Thank you 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post! x


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