Setting The Record Straight

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Winter sales are a wonderful and glorious phenomena, as much as my bank account would like to disagree. There were a few things that I picked up early on in the month that I have been trying out and thought now was the perfect time to give you a run down what’s good and what’s something you should probably put back on that shelf. Overall, I ended up actually liking all of these products, with some reservations, but I have a few suggestions that you might find give you more bank for your buck!


MAC’s Strobe Cream has sooooo much hype in the blogosphere and youtube, that you would think it was every one’s holy grail product for that perfect dewy, glowing-from-within skin. While I can see why this product is so well-loved, I feel as though there are amazing drug-store alternatives for the Strobe Cream, which do exactly the same thing, and don’t give your bank account a heart attack. On first application the Strobe Cream moisturized my skin perfectly, leaving it feeling plum and hydrated with a glow that lived up to the hype. However, I was very unimpressed with the smell. Hard to describe, I find that if you have a sensitive nose, the smell of this product is something hard to get past. It reminds me strongly of sunscreen my mom forced me to put on every summer, and it’s not something I wish to follow me around all day. Besides that, however, I found that the Strobe Cream gave my skin a glow that was actually really pretty, but was it worth spending so much money over? No. L’Oreal’s Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer is MAC’s better smelling Strobe Cream, but for a fraction of the price. It does exactly the same thing, and in fact, more often than not, I find myself reaching more for the L’Oreal Primer. Will I be repurchasing this product once it runs out? No. I find that L’Oreal Lumi Magique does a better job, and my bank account fervently thanks me for it.


I was so, so, SO, excited for this product and this is the one that disappointed me the most! That was until I found another use for it. Nevertheless I was grateful to the wonderful sales assistant who gave me a sample size to purchase. This is a sample of Benefit’s new They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer in the shade mink-brown. I found that applying this before Mascara did nothing to give my lashes a boost of more volume and length. The formula itself was too wet which has a tendency to clump my lashes instead of giving them the separation I was hoping for. But (and there is a big BUT), I LOVED this primer just to wear it on its own to give my lashes a really natural look, with just the right amount of definition and volume. Perfect for those days when I am feeling a bit more on the lazy side, which is more often than not, this tinted primer has just enough goodness in it to make me look wide-eyed in the mornings. So while I didn’t like this Tinted Lash Primer for what it’s supposed to do, it does make for a lovely natural looking mascara alternative for your lashes. But then again, is it worth the price? I would rather leave my lashes bare than purchase a twenty pound product that does little for my lashes. A good alternative is L’Oreal’s False Lash Superstar Mascara and Primer. Now THAT is one mascara and primer that made my lashes look amazingly defined, separated and voluminous. Can you tell I’m a bit of a L’Oreal fan?


Now this is something I was very happy with. I was after a fresh, subtle perfume, but something that lingered and every now and then I would be able to get a whiff of it. New Look came out with a whole new line of beauty, homeware and perfumes and that is where I discovered this little gem. Now I am the worst when it comes to describing what perfumes smell like, but I’ll do my best with this one. Named ‘Pure Devotion’, it is fresh and subtle, with a hint of freesia and cedar-wood and honey. It’s a perfect perfume to spritz on your wrists everyday, subtle and edgy, and in my opinion it has amazing lasting power as well. This is one thing I would definitely recommend you grab off of the shelves whenever you get a chance.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it gives you some help in deciding what products to go for if you are looking to purchase these for yourself.

Disclaimer: All products featured have been purchased by myself or have been gifts. These are products that have worked for me, however they might not work for everyone, and vice-versa. All reviews are honest opinions. I am not affiliated with any links mentioned above or any companies, unless otherwise stated. All photographs above have been taken by the author.


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