Colour Yourself Happy

So recently I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz on the internet about colouring books for adults, a sort of art therapy, a stress relief, a little something to give you another outlet for your creativity. I had been reading up a lot about it and it’s benefits and the philosophy behind it, and I have to say I jumped on this band wagon faster than you can say colouring books. Now, when we think of colouring books it’s easy to assume they are designed for a younger audience and couldn’t possibly amount up to what it says on the blurb. I thought the same too, until I bought one such book for myself and I can honestly say I was blown away with the amount of detail that the author and artist, Millie Marotta manages to capture on paper. My curiosity was peaked, and I immediately went on a hunt for long forgotten colouring pencils and pens.


My book’s theme is ‘Tropical Wonderland’ and it is indeed a swirling planet with beautiful patterns of nature, and intricate detail that is ours to bring to life with any medium of colour that we wish to use. I think it’s rather fascinating how the artist chooses to embed unique patterns into familiar. But by using this technique she takes these house hold shapes to a whole other ethereal level.


In a day and age where every other person has mobile phones, tablets and laptops glued to their hands, it’s refreshing to see that many are going back to an oldie but a goodie way of relaxing and de-stressing. I started off with the first page, no colour scheme in mind and I can’t describe how therapeutic it was. The soft scratching of a pencil on paper took me back to the days of my childhood, where, admittedly, my colouring wasn’t always within the lines and as neat as it is now.


The whole idea is rather brilliant! Designed and illustrated by Millie Marotta, there is some serious creativity behind the designs created in this book. I almost sometimes feel a bit apprehensive to colour in the pages for fear of ruining the pristine white patterns. Colouring is something that I believe is well loved by both adults and children alike, and with a book like ‘Tropical Wonderland’, it becomes all too irresistible. Be warned though, it is rather addictive activity and I always have to limit myself to a few patterns every now and then, when I am in the mood for a touch of colouring. This form of ‘art therapy’ is so hyped up and with good reason, in my opinion. Yes, it acts as a marvellous stress relief, but not only that, I find it so refreshing to unleash creativity that doesn’t involve a glaring screen and the pitter patter of keys. All you’ll need is a colouring book and some pens, and you can lose yourself in a magical world for a few hours and dream in colour.

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