A Word To The Wise

Every New Years Eve, much like this one, no matter what I am doing or where I am, I am forced to contemplate the happenings of the year gone by, whether I want to or not. Such is the way of things. And every year, I sit down and pull our a sheet of paper and a pen, and write as neatly as I can manage, a list of resolutions and goals I want to achieve in the New Year. A tidy list, dotted all the way down to the crisp edge of the white sheet of paper.

That pristine white sheet, over the course of the year, gets crumpled and tarnished underneath the pile of objects and pens and hair bobbles in my desk drawers. That piece of paper never actually gets opened again until, one hopeful clear-out day, I pull it out again and reminisce over how I thought a list could change me as a person, because it was the New Year, and because resolutions made at 11:45 pm on the last day of the year could dictate how I lived my life for the next 365 days.

Northamptonshire. Photo by: Nimra Imran

Empty resolutions dont make you a newer, better person, in my opinion. Nor does writing down a list of goals and ambitions. If I have learned anything from this past year, it is that no matter how many goals and ambitions, hopes and dreams you have, they are nothing without pure, unadulterated determination and drive.

And therein lies the problem. As the saying goes, we never stick to our resolutions, I think that writing them down isn’t enough. It’s a start, but without any determination, fire or drive to back it up, those resolutions are just words on paper that we wont reach for again after the clock chimes midnight.

Which is why this year I decided not to write any resolutions or goals or hopes and dreams down. Because chances are that piece of paper will probably get crumpled and end up in the bin before the next day is over. I decided that my year was going to be about life. To just live and feel every moment, every single second and to put fire and drive behind every single thing that I do. I think that giving every single part of my life everything ounce of effort that I can will make me a better and a happier person.

I want to be able to live life in a free way, to take opportunities as they come, and not stress so much about things that I know wont seem so big a few months down the line. To cross every bridge when it comes and to enjoy every moment that I am lucky enough to have. And I suppose, in a way, that is my ‘resolution’ for this year. To live a life with as much fire and determination as I can. And hope that with every second that goes by and every day that passes, I can become a wiser person than I was the year before.

And with that late night ramble ( I wrote this post at 2 am, probably not a good idea!), I wish you all a wonderful New Year, and hope that you all will be your happiest yet!

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  1. Thoughtful thoughts and to become wiser each year too.

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