Now I Can See What All The Fuss Is About…


So I feel like I’ve jumped on the gel eyeshadow bandwagon a little late and I rediscovered these little pots of magic hidden in a corner of my vanity. I’ve heard great things about the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, and a lot of bloggers rave about how they’re excellent dupes for the MAC Paint Pots. I unscrewed the lids and realised why I’d bought them in the first place! The colour and pigmentation is just absolutely gorgeous, and fittingly, perfect for the coming festive season. I decided to put them to test over the past few weeks, and let me tell you, they are absolute game changers! Easy to use (especially for a total eyeshadow noob like me), blendable and uber friendly to your bank account, boy oh boy, these little pots of goodness do not disappoint!

Right to Left: Pink Gold, Metallic Pomegranate, On and One Bronze

These Colour Tattoos are so hyped up in the beauty world and believe me it is with good reason! I happen to love the glass packaging, as you’re able to get a good idea of the true colour of the product before you buy it.

Highly pigmented, with incredible staying power, as the name suggests (although I must admit I have not left them on for twenty four hours by any means!) the Colour Tattoos have become a quick favourite this month. They have a creamy, blendable texture which quickly dries down to a dry, solid base of colour on the lid. I find that even after wearing them for a good eight to ten hours they do not crease, even though I happen to have incredibly oily eyelids that need a good primer before hand!

Pink Gold
Pink Gold

These Colour Tattoos can be worn as either bases for more eyeshadows, and on their own for a subtle wash of colour all over the lid for more lazy days (which happen more often that I’d like to admit!).  The Pink Gold shade is a lovely pink with subtle gold shimmer running all through it. It’s great for wearing on it’s on all over the lid and then blending it out with  a fluffy brush to diffuse the edges.

Metallic Pomegranate

On the other hand, you can use these eyeshadows as a base and then pop another eyeshadow of the same colour tone on top to lock the gel base in place for a long lasting finish. For the On and On Bronze, I like to pat it all over the lid, keeping it below the crease and then popping a matte brown shade in the crease to blend it all out and add a bit if depth to my eyes, and it works a charm each time! This will definitely be used a lot around Christmas time.

On and On Bronze

In my opinion, I feel like these eyeshadows are indeed closely comparable to the MAC paint pots and the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow Pots in terms of the colour pay-off, blendability and pigmentation. Every time I have popped these on my eyes I am amazed by their non-creasing and staying power. So this is definitely one for your make-up bags if you haven’t already tried these out! Available from Boots and Super Drug, these Maybelline Colour Tattoos are definitely one of the best make-up discoveries I have made this year, and I couldn’t recommend it to you more!

Disclaimer: All products featured have been purchased by myself. These are products that have worked for me, however they might not work for everyone. All reviews are honest opinions. I am not affiliated with any links mentioned above, unless otherwise stated.


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