Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Taking a break from the world of Hemingway and Thomas Kyd essays, I decided to take my other half to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London, for a bit of festive fun and for his birthday the other day. I have not been feeling very christmassy this year, probably due to the fact that I have no christmas tree in my shoe box of a room at Uni. However, I can tell you now, one step inside Winter Wonderland and I found myself singing and laughing and in a desperate search for hot donuts and candy cane! A perfect start to our little Christmas Adventure!

Covent Garden Christmas Tree

Winter Wonderland was unlike any place I’d been before. A playground for the holiday lovers, we were able to unleash our inner child, trying to soak up as much of the christmassy atmosphere as we possibly could! We started off with a quick visit to the Bar Ice, where the entire room (and I mean every single nook and cranny) was carved out of blocks of ice! Minus eight degrees and we were freezing with our massive ponchos and drinks in glasses fashioned out of ice. It gave the word icy a whole new meaning!

Ice Bar Architecture
Vain attempts to keep warm in minus eight degrees

Trotting away, we devoured our turkey baps (very Christmassy) and found ourselves in the Magical Ice Kingdom, which was by far my favourite attraction in the entire Wonderland. The detail with which the sculptures were carved with was awe-inspiring. I just wanted to touch everything! My favourite was the owl, and I desperately wish there was some way to take it home with me!

Oh Hello There!
Pumba? Is that you?

Wrapping up the most Christmassy night, we wandered over to the Big Wheel, where we managed to capture the most amazing views of all of Wonderland.

Winter Wonderland

The most peaceful fifteen minutes of the night, it reminded me of why I love Christmas so much. The crisp cold air, the hot chocolate on tap (not literally, but someone should really invent that!) and the endless Christmas music and the hot donuts (which I also wish I had more of!). The Circus Berserk at the end of the night was full of tension and gasps but unfortunately I was so wrapped up in watching the acrobats and motorbikes in the globe, I forgot to take pictures.

But, if you happen to be around London, I have to recommend that Hyde Park Winter Wonderland should find itself climbing to the top of your Christmas Adventure List. Quite possibly one of the most amusing and Christmassy experiences I have been lucky enough to have, I only wish I could do it all over again! It has everything from beautiful Christmas markets, to an ice rink, to an amazing circus. Running up until the 3rd of January, Winter Wonderland is something people of all ages will love. I hope you’re all having a very Christmassy December and I will see you all in my next post, where things will get a little more adventurous!

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, London

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